A story of a DevOps Engineer

"I'm writing this blog inspired by numerous other blogs and their ideas about the DevOps culture. I also want to share my vision on DevOps culture. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Note: This blog won't delve into technical aspects. It's simply a reflection on my understanding of DevOps. Your comments are welcome!"

"What is DevOps? Does it have a clear definition? How can it be implemented? What tools are available to facilitate a smooth DevOps workflow? And how does one become a DevOps Engineer?"

Plenty of questions popped into my mind when I began my career as a Cloud Engineer (Software Engineer โ€“ Cloud). I constantly pondered what I would achieve in the next five years and what steps I should take to get there.

I kept asking myself these questions, especially as the buzz around DevOps being a trendsetter in the software industry grew louder.

So, I started researching and attempted to gather some well-defined resources, including a link for the definition of a DevOps Engineer, their job role, and a course link to become one.

However, my search seemed endless, and I still couldn't find a definitive definition for the term. It took me some time to realize why.

Devops is not a Job title or Work role, it is a lifestyle, a culture and beyond.

Essentially, it's a process that streamlines deployment to production in an Agile environment. Sorry, no technical details beyond this.

It's about automating a developer's daily tasks and allowing them to focus on their work.

A passionate lifestyle is crucial, and some key aspects include:

  • Never fear technology: A golden rule; new technology is always simpler than we think. We just need to adapt and learn anew.

  • Maintain a proactive attitude: The DevOps lifestyle often presents challenges and typical scenarios. Embrace them with a 'have a go' attitude, as every day brings new problems."Whenever there is a problem there should a solution definitely and I am sure someone would have already solved that, We have forget everything we have earlier โ€” start from scratch โ€” rework and relearn.

And the great thing is when the problem doesn't have a solution yet? Bingo!

Define a solution to the problem with all your effort, Stage it, Sell it. You are an Entrepreneur, Product owner.

And I am eagerly awaiting such a moment, a magical moment.

Never shy away from a problem; always go for it. Indeed, look for a problem, as problems are stepping stones that could lead to a wonderful solution.

Yes, when you solve a problem faced by a group of people, you end up with a market-changing product.

To summarize,

DevOps is a lifestyle that simplifies the workflow of a product team in an Agile environment.

Jothimani - DevopsEngineer

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