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·Sep 12, 2021·

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There was an idea to do blogs, books, and morning Jog, write daily on tech challenges we face daily. Yes, it started with the new year resolution. And Yes, I cannot continue that for a week, literally the idea of blogging was blipped from me for a while.

People tend to complain time for every failure and I am one of the crowd. However, I sit and talk with myself most of the time, when I look back, decode my daily; Yes, Time is not the factor for my illness and I am.

Time is always enough, it all depends and our perception, priority, and preference. Time is relative to all these factors and works as expected once it has a timely planned routine.

I tried to come up with hobbies to best manage the timings; reading good books, blogging the daily routine, Creating a to-do and strictly tired to follow up and still pushing myself on the same. I would say 20% better me than the previous me. I Hope, the graph will tend to increase daily.

And coming back to the blogging idea which triggered my idea to focus more is,

as a typical SRE/DevOps Engineer, the daily will not end without problems. The best part is to figure out, whether do we have a defined solution for the problem. Struggled days on a minor backlog, Why? Communication matters. Some things were already solved and a quick brief discussion with some time could easily solve the riddle.

And most of the time, blogs/channels helped me to mature, Opensource! And what did I give back? how?

Started summarising my daily problems sit, write and coming up with posts that help everyone.

Giving back to Opensource !!!

That's the wrap of my story and will try to come with more in the flow.

:p Sounds a bit motivational, but suits better content for my landing page.

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